how to add colour to your home


Wilder Home is all about creating a vibrant and radiant space for you, but if the interior decor colour wheel is too daunting for you, check out our quick guide on how to add colour through three different themes.


1. Earthy tones

earthy pillows home decor inspo


Starting with neutral earthy tones is always an easy way to add colour for those who are hesitant. The little pops of earth tones create a calm and soft space with a warm homely ambience. 

This aesthetic suits a home filled with creamy white interiors and furnishings. Using shades of green, mustard yellow, deep orange and brown homewares are the perfect addition to make an inviting sanctuary. 

These tones are proven to relax the mind and help balance the body, as they are directly associated with the natural environment. It produces a sense of comfort and soothes emotions.

This technique can be applied to all rooms to create a beautiful calm atmosphere in your home. 

Earthy bathroom inspo: 

amber bubble vases checkered towels wooden mirror and tray


2. Pastels

pastel desk inspo

This is an interior design colour scheme that has been a reigning trend that’s here to stay. Starting in the 40’s and continuing strong until 2022 there is a reason why pastel decor has remained so popular. 

Adding light pink, blue and yellow is a soft and simple way of adding colour to any home. If you are not wanting to commit to brighter tones just yet this is a wonderful way of being creative with colour by adding homewares with a lighter hue. 

Pastels create a soothing and soft space while remaining playful. The environment becomes dreamy and calm, making the perfect atmosphere to unwind and sleep. Often seen in spas, nurseries and sunrooms.

Pastel bedroom inspo:

pink pleated lamp yellow checkered bedsheets floral and fruit pillows


3. Fun + Vibrant

fruit salad plates

If you are ready to take your interior to the next level it’s a beautiful statement to add bright and bold colours. Primary interior colour schemes are a creative and cheerful way to reflect the owners personalities.

Add eye catching patterns, shapes and textures in all rooms of your home. This can be achieved by scattering little pops of vibrant tones on your walls using prints, on your sofa using cushions or on your tables using lamps. This will be sure to create both a contemporary and artistic atmosphere of your dreams.

Red, blue, yellow and green helps to promote creativity and good energy in a room.

Vibrant lounge room inspo: 

colourful ripple glasses orange retro cloud lamp blue squiggle mug